big dreams in little hope

Big Dreams in Little Hope – 4/5

genre: lesbian/comedy
director: Erin Greenwell
year: 2006
length: 1hr. 10 min.
language: English
RT rating: n/a
my keywords: butch-femme, romance, television

the mini journey of an aspiring news reporter and her camera person traveling together for work.


i had really low expectations for this and was very pleasantly surprised. loved the sense of humor and the realistic depiction of butch character Linda. the acting isn't bad, though it did feel a bit like a lesbian version of an after school special. cute flick. 

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hannah free

Hannah Free – 4/5

genre: lesbian/drama
director: Wendy Jo Carlton (Brushfires)
year: 2009
length: 1hr. 26 min.
language: English
RT rating: 11%
my keywords: butch-femme, romance, older lesbian

an older butch woman recounts her life & love affair with her partner.


i was delighted to find and watch this, finally. while the story has the quality of a Lifetime movie, i felt it was refreshing to see an old-school butch-femme relationship and to see Hannah's character depicted realistically (huge thumbs down to the movie cover art that has her wearing makeup! good thing i found this one instead.) a heart-felt, lightweight drama, which i felt was a fresh break from the cookie cutter lesbian chick flick.

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by hook or by crook

By Hook or By Crook – 5/5

genre: lesbian/drama
director: Harriet Dodge & Silas Howard
year: 2001
length: 1hr. 38 min.
language: English
RT rating: 62%
my keywords: san francisco, butch, friendship, hussling

two partners in crime struggle through life and form an unbreakable bond.


one of a kind gem. a nice balance between the grit and humor and the deep endearment of the brotherly friendship that forms between Shy and Valentine. had a crush on Shy :).

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maggie and annie

Maggie and Annie – 4/5

genre: lesbian/drama/romance 
director: Kimberly K. Wilson
year: 2002
length: 1hr. 25 min.
language: English
RT rating: n/a
my keywords: coming out, bisexual, marriage

An unexpected relationship develops between two softball teammates.


this one really hit home for me in a few ways. lower budget style and refreshing, this film is one i think a lot of women can relate to. i love the build-up, and final release, between the two women. to me, the ending was a surprise - will remember to have tissue handy next time.

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treading water

Treading Water – 3.8/5

genre: lesbian/drama  
director: Lauren Himmel
year: 2001
length: 1hr. 35 min.
language: English
RT rating: n/a
my keywords: coming out, family dysfunction, acceptance

A woman suffers from her family's unwillingness to accept her lifestyle.


i love movies like this - far from the mainstream. i thought the acting was pretty good and i found the realism in the characters and plot refreshing. i love that no part of the relationship between the two main characters was glamorized and there are some memorable intimate moments between the couple. i also think the film is successful in portraying the harshness of a very real issue.

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show me love (fucking Amal)

Show Me Love (Fucking Amal) – 5/5

genre: lesbian/drama/romance
director: Lukas Moodysson (Lilja 4-ever)
year: 1998
length: 1hr. 29min.
language: Swedish
RT rating: 90%
my keywords: teens, love, coming out

Story of two teens, one popular and one a shy outcast.


passion, first love, growing up, coming out, dealing with family & friends. this movie is a very impressive, realistic depiction of life for two teenage girls coming to terms with love and who they are. good director who also did the powerful Lilja 4-ever.

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watermelon woman

Watermelon Woman – 4/5

genre: lesbian/romance/history
director: Cheryl Dunye
year: 1996
length: 1hr. 30min.
language: English
RT rating: 100%
my keywords: dating, video store, documentary, black lesbian actress, cultural awareness

A lesbian video store clerk works on her film project while involved in an interracial relationship.


as the first feature film of a black lesbian this might seem like the only black lesbian film out there, however there are a few others hidden and this one is particularly about more than that. i love the multiracial theme as well as the exploration of the black female "mammy" role in older films. interesting parallel between the story of the past and that of the future between main character Cheryl and her love interest. this is one of a kind and has - in my opinion - one of the hottest, most artistic lesbian love scenes ever. a perfect choice for the scene, "Skin" was my first exposure to the incredibly hot, fresh music of Leslie Winer. overall, Watermelon Woman is just as important to lesbian film and culture as any other. i'm glad it was funded and would love to see more like it.

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the children's hour

the childrens hour movie

The Children's Hour – 5/5

genre: drama
director: William Wyler (Funny Girl, Roman Holiday)
year: 1961
length: 1hr. 47 min.
language: English
RT rating: n/a
my keywords: lesbian, teachers, love, deception, discrimination

The lives of two boarding school teachers are torn apart when a rumor is spread.


a powerful drama. very "wow" performances by both of the stars, however i feel this was Shirley MacLaine's show. heart-wrenching story of extreme internal and external conflict. a powerful portrayal of how deception - especially when children are involved - as well as the truth, and discrimination can destroy people. a must see classic based on Lillian Hellman's 1934 play.

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salmonberries movie

Salmonberries – 5/5

genre: drama/romance/lesbian
director: Persy Adlon (Bagdad Cafe, Zuckerbaby(Sugarbaby) - inspiration for "Babycakes")
year: 1991
length: 1hr. 42min.
language: English
RT rating: 67%
my keywords: love, Alaska, androgynous

A woman in search of her history meets a librarian who hasn't dealt with her own past yet.


i consider this a classic that i've rarely ever seen on other lists. very unique, moving, earthy drama about discovering oneself, facing the past, as painful as it is, and finding closure. also one of the too few truly androgynous/butchy characters i've seen in lesbian film - kd lang with all her hotness.

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sonja movie

Sonja – 5/5

genre: drama/romance/lesbian
director: Kirsi Liimatainen
year: 2006
length: 1hr. 12min.
language: German
RT rating: n/a
my keywords: love, coming of age, summer, best friends, family problems

Sonja struggles with family problems as well as her deep love for Julia.


glad i discovered this one a few years back. realistic portrait of a bond formed between two teenage girls. Sabrina Kruschwitz is great with portraying the deep emotions one experiences with exploring sexuality and love, and with dealing with painful family relationships. i remember shedding a tear or two with this one.

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